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As cliche as it sounds, welcome to my site. I'm planning to use this site to chronicle my progress across the various things I plan to achieve each year. It's still work in progress and I intend to build parts of it every couple of weeks. Feel free to comment on the various pieces of content (disagree with stuff if you want to but I won't tolerate trolls)

Wow. It’s 2019

So the domain expired and I renewed it. Came by to check it out and realised how much time has passed.

It seems my blogging life is largely about me making one post and disappearing over and over again.

Much in life has changed and yet i’m not too sure what to make of it all still.

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Democracy is broken? 

If recent outcomes are anything to go by, democracy’s guaranteed outcome seems to be division – enabling “the other” as a universal reason for everything in life that doesn’t go one’s way. Feels kinda broken. 

So glad voices in my head don’t take a vote to decide on stuff. It would heck noisy all the time. 

Wait. Voices in my head? 

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Keeping a Reading Journal


(Image Credit : Dave Asprey)

Compared to most people, I do think I read quite a lot – Probably not enough to be in the top 10% but sufficient above the national average to be able to paste a “Book Nerd” sticker on my back.

Recently, it’s got me thinking about how much of the information I get off these books I read are actually retained and how much of it do I internalise as knowledge and insight. So I realised I need to start moving from just reading to, possibly, studying books because that leap from Information to Knowledge, while it happens naturally with experience, could probably be accelerated if a structured process is put to it. I probably won’t ‘study’ with as much intensity as back when I was in school but to actually put pen to paper, summarise, connect the dots, connect it to the information I already have would likely bring me to a much higher level than where I am right now.

So… in addition to the journal I keep to log my thoughts and the notebook I have for random writing, I’m going to start keeping one where I write about the books I read. It’s probably going to end up looking like study notes.

Does anyone do this? Do you have any tips to make the process of reading, extracting, retaining and processing the information more efficient and effective?

I read both fiction and non-fiction books. I find that the former provides me works my imagination and the fictional scenarios often make me reflect a lot about life while the latter provides more technical knowledge on how the world works.

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My sleep cycle is messed up

I keep screwing up my sleep cycle because sometimes i get into the groove of doing something late at night and I just ride on the momentum all the way till early the next day – like reading a book, researching some work, watching Netflix, etc…

Now I find myself having to schedule sleep in the day and night to make sure I clock sufficient sleep… It almost feels like I’m on a 36 hour day cycle….

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Taking my time to organise

So 2016 has become the year where I do the counter-intuitive thing in light of what is shaping up to be a bad economic climate. I’m scaling back on the core business activities in preparation to execute a pivot. This is all fine and dandy except that I’m looking for what to pivot to.

Aside from all the business-y things I’m sorting out, I figured I’d like to maintain a separate site from Ridz.sg to keep track of my thoughts on more personal things as opposed to reviews hence this site.

Not wanting to code for this, I’m sticking to just using the Avada template although I have yet to figure out how I’m going to structure this…


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If only we could sign articles we trust….

You know how in public key cryptography, we sign keys to show that we trust it so that people who trust us can extend their circle of trust? That way if a key is signed (and ‘trusted’) by many people, it must be pretty legit.

What if we could do that for articles we see online? To not just ‘share’ articles but to also sign it. To also somehow be able to see who else ‘trusts’ this. Perhaps we trust some friends more than others because they’re hardcore fact checking people and if they’ve signed it, then it lends more credence.

Right now, every article is refuted within a comments section so unless fake news is highlighted in every place it has been shared, the misinformation grows. But what if we could somehow digitally sign to indicate how genuine or fake an article is, and that information can be accessed easily by everyone else (and subsequently encourage them to sign it too) would it help bring a bit more order to the chaos?

Too many ‘genuine’ flagged signatures? Good.
Too many ‘fake’ flagged signatures? Not so good.

I don’t think i’m articulating it very well. Maybe this needs to be prototyped. Or maybe it’s already out there but I don’t know about it (which is highly likely).

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