(This post requires you to play the game Ingress to understand. If you’re curious, search for the app on the iOS or Android store. Join the Resistance. Blue. The blue coloured team called “Resistance”)

So as I was walking down the street today, I noticed owners walking their pet dogs. Occasionally, a dog would stop, and pee to mark their territory (I think). And that made me wonder. Everyday these dogs just go around the same areas just marking their territory. Is it like a game? Do dogs have park meet ups and brag?

“Hey yo! I got 25 active territories yo! How many you got? 3? Noob! Did you hear how Whiskey totally peed over Spotty’s territories? That was badass yo! Wanna go dig up some spots and see if we can very rare items?”

A lifelong game of Ingress. No spoofing. How about that.

Are they also looking at us thinking, “Hey look! The humans are playing their own version of our game!”