You know how in public key cryptography, we sign keys to show that we trust it so that people who trust us can extend their circle of trust? That way if a key is signed (and ‘trusted’) by many people, it must be pretty legit.

What if we could do that for articles we see online? To not just ‘share’ articles but to also sign it. To also somehow be able to see who else ‘trusts’ this. Perhaps we trust some friends more than others because they’re hardcore fact checking people and if they’ve signed it, then it lends more credence.

Right now, every article is refuted within a comments section so unless fake news is highlighted in every place it has been shared, the misinformation grows. But what if we could somehow digitally sign to indicate how genuine or fake an article is, and that information can be accessed easily by everyone else (and subsequently encourage them to sign it too) would it help bring a bit more order to the chaos?

Too many ‘genuine’ flagged signatures? Good.
Too many ‘fake’ flagged signatures? Not so good.

I don’t think i’m articulating it very well. Maybe this needs to be prototyped. Or maybe it’s already out there but I don’t know about it (which is highly likely).