(Image Credit : Dave Asprey)

Compared to most people, I do think I read quite a lot – Probably not enough to be in the top 10% but sufficient above the national average to be able to paste a “Book Nerd” sticker on my back.

Recently, it’s got me thinking about how much of the information I get off these books I read are actually retained and how much of it do I internalise as knowledge and insight. So I realised I need to start moving from just reading to, possibly, studying books because that leap from Information to Knowledge, while it happens naturally with experience, could probably be accelerated if a structured process is put to it. I probably won’t ‘study’ with as much intensity as back when I was in school but to actually put pen to paper, summarise, connect the dots, connect it to the information I already have would likely bring me to a much higher level than where I am right now.

So… in addition to the journal I keep to log my thoughts and the notebook I have for random writing, I’m going to start keeping one where I write about the books I read. It’s probably going to end up looking like study notes.

Does anyone do this? Do you have any tips to make the process of reading, extracting, retaining and processing the information more efficient and effective?

I read both fiction and non-fiction books. I find that the former provides me works my imagination and the fictional scenarios often make me reflect a lot about life while the latter provides more technical knowledge on how the world works.